Australian Gold Coins

Discover the most sought-after gold bullion worldwide from the renowned Australian Mint. Since its inception in 1896, the Australian Mint has set the standard for purity and quality in bullion. With over 18 billion dollars' worth of pure gold, silver, and platinum distributed annually to over 100 countries, the Australian Mint ensures that every bar or coin meets the strictest quality standards.

As Australia's oldest operating mint, the Australian Mint gained independence from Great Britain's Royal Mint in 1970. Originally established to service the gold rush and growing population, it began minting gold and silver coins in 1931, quickly becoming the global standard for bullion.

Investing in a gold coin from the Australian Mint guarantees exceptional quality, high gold content, and a range of size options. Easily tradable, these coins are highly desired by investors and collectors worldwide. Moreover, the Australian Mint serves as a depository, the world's first government-backed one.


Renowned as one of the world's top mints, the Australian Mint upholds the highest standards in producing precious metal products. Accredited by prestigious institutions including the NY Commodity Exchange, London Bullion Market Association, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, and Toyko Commodity Exchange, the Australian Mint stands as an elite mint in the global market.


The Australian Mint gained recognition for its 13 oz .999999 fine gold-proof plate in 1957, with even the Royal Mint ordering some for their standards. Notably, the mint introduced the one-tonne gold coin in 2011, breaking the world record for the largest and most valuable gold coin globally. Featuring the iconic red kangaroo, this coin boasts a face value of $1 million and is estimated to be worth $53 million, weighing an impressive 31,150 troy ounces.


Explore our collection of commemorative coins such as the Battle of the Coral Sea, the War in the Pacific, and the Proof Gold Dolphin collection. Each coin commemorates significant moments in Australian history and pivotal military events.


The Lunar Series celebrates the Chinese Lunar Calendar and its accompanying 12 animals, with each animal signifying unique personality traits. Starting in 1996, the Australian Mint's lunar series features coins crafted from .999 pure gold, with the latest 2020 "Year of the Mouse" coin minted in .9999 pure gold. Highly coveted, the gold lunar series stands among the most valuable and sought-after gold bullion series.


Arguably one of the most iconic coin series, the kangaroo series debuted in 1986, transitioning from gold nugget designs to the beloved kangaroo motif. Noteworthy for their two-toned frosted designs in the 1980s, these coins showcase yearly-changing designs, making them a favorite among collectors and investors alike.


Featuring .9999 fine gold, the koala series ranks among the top favorites of the Australian Mint. With each coin adorned with a new design of the adorable koala annually, these collector coins capture the essence of Australia's wildlife in stunning detail.


Employing advanced technology, the Australian Mint utilizes PAMP Veriscan, which functions akin to fingerprint scanning, ensuring the authenticity of precious metal pieces. This highly reliable and user-friendly system provides peace of mind to collectors and investors.


Distinguished by its independence from the British London Mint, the Royal Australian Mint, established in 1965, produces all Australian circulation coins. Additionally, it manufactures numerous commemorative and bullion gold coins, including the popular Lunar Series, Kangaroo, and Commemorative coins, which are distributed to over 100 countries. Serving as a popular tourist attraction, the Royal Australian Mint offers visitors the opportunity to witness coin production, explore historic coins, and even strike their coins.


Gold coins from both the Australian Mint and the Royal Australian Mint constitute one of the largest collections of gold bullion in the market today. Highly desirable to investors and collectors for their high purity content, meticulous craftsmanship, and variety of size options, these coins often feature .9999 pure gold and are eligible for inclusion in IRAs.