5 oz Silver Coins


For those venturing into the realm of precious metals, 5 oz silver coins present a substantial opportunity. Bullion Hunters is your go-to platform for navigating the best online prices for these larger denominations. While larger sizes may carry a higher initial price tag, the value obtained from a single 5 oz coin typically surpasses that of multiple smaller coins due to economies of scale in production costs and premiums. Opting for a singular, larger piece means paying just one premium over the silver content, rather than multiple premiums for several smaller pieces.



5-ounce silver coins offer a perfect blend of investment security and personal expression for enthusiasts and investors alike. Far from making your investment journey monotonous and cumbersome, these coins allow you to diversify with flair and safeguard your assets in style. Bullion Hunters provides a gateway to unique investment pieces at competitive rates, letting you personalize your portfolio to reflect your individual taste and investment strategy.



The US Mint, America's sole producer of legal tender coins, has a storied history of minting both circulating and bullion coins dating back to the 1700s. Despite a brief hiatus during the Great Depression, production recommenced in 1986, leading to the creation of renowned coinage such as the American Eagle series. Notably, the Mint's 5-oz silver America the Beautiful series offers a limited edition option for collectors.



Internationally, the People’s Republic of China Mint excels in crafting inventive and finely minted silver coins. The Silver Panda series, in particular, showcases the Temple of Heaven on one side, with the other side featuring a yearly refreshed panda design, making these coins highly collectible and perfect for panda aficionados.



With a history spanning over five centuries, the Mexican Mint offers a diverse range of coin sizes for those looking to invest in silver and gold. The mint is celebrated for the Libertad coin, inspired by the historic Centenario coin commemorating a century of independence from Spain.



Embrace the versatility and strength 5 oz silver coins add to your investment portfolio. While Bullion Hunters does not directly sell precious metals, we are dedicated to guiding you toward the most attractive deals online. Our platform also features a wide array of coins in gold, platinum, and palladium, alongside a variety of silver coins in sizes ranging from ½ oz to 1 kilo. Dive into our extensive selection and discover exceptional deals to kickstart or expand your precious metals collection.