Maple Leafs


The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, stands as a premier choice among silver coins globally. Since its inception in 1988, the iconic maple leaf design has remained a constant symbol of purity and quality, despite the introduction of various commemorative editions over the years. Renowned for its 99.99% pure silver content, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is second only to the American Silver Eagle in popularity but surpasses many in its silver purity, making it a highly sought-after piece in the precious metals market.

The coin's obverse proudly displays a rendition of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with three versions portraying her at different ages, accompanied by the coin's denomination and the year of minting. The reverse is adorned with the finely detailed image of the maple leaf, Canada's esteemed national emblem, embodying the country's natural beauty and heritage.

To meet the ever-growing demand, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are typically packaged in tubes of 25, offering both collectors and investors a secure and substantial way to add silver to their portfolios. These coins are not only a wise investment in a tangible asset but also serve as a safeguard against inflation, backed by the Canadian Government and eligible for inclusion in Individual Retirement Accounts.

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