10 oz Silver Bars


For those looking to bolster their investment portfolio with silver, 10-ounce silver bars offer a perfect blend of heft and manageability. Bullion Hunters aid in discovering the best online prices for these significant yet convenient bars, sourced exclusively from reputable brands known for their superior quality. Ideal for investors, these 10-ounce bars combine substantial value with the ease of stacking and liquidity, available in both cast silver and minted ingots, making them especially appealing to long-term investors and those preparing for any future uncertainties.



  • Heraeus Silver Bar: A product of the esteemed Heraeus Technology Group, this bar contains 10 troy ounces of .9999 fine silver, featuring the iconic “Hand with Roses” and the phrase “Heraeus Edelmetalle Hanau,” signifying Heraeus's commitment to elegance and innovation in precious metal refining.

  • Valcambi Suisse Silver Bar: Synonymous with Swiss precision, Valcambi Suisse produces each 10 oz bar with .999 fine silver, accompanied by an assay card and individual serialization, enhancing its collectibility and appeal.

  • MintID Silver Bar: Renowned for creating the most secure bullion products, MintID's 10 oz silver bars are equipped with a tamper-proof NFC microchip, offering unparalleled security through digital verification.

  • Jersey Mint Silver Bar: American-made Jersey Mint bars contain 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, securely packaged and stamped with the mint's emblem of quality alongside the bar's weight and purity.

  • SilverTowne Mint Buffalo Silver Bar: Drawing inspiration from U.S. coinage history, these bars feature designs by James Earle Fraser and are crafted from .999 fine silver, presented in heat-sealed plastic for preservation.

  • Argentia Silver Bar: Argentia Precious Metals produces 10 oz bars of .9999 fine silver, emphasizing artistic ultra-high relief designs that give each bar a distinctive “live-edge” appearance and aesthetic value.

  • Golden State Mint Aztec Calendar Silver Bar: This bar is a collector's delight, featuring the intricate Aztec Sun calendar and Emperor Cuauhtemoc, merging investment appeal with historical significance.

  • CNT Eagle Design Silver Bar: Showcasing an American bald eagle in majestic flight, CNT's .9999 fine silver bars reflect the heritage and quality of one of the largest privately owned precious metals firms.

  • Asahi Refining American Reserve Silver Bar: Part of an all-American bullion line, these bars are mined and minted in the USA, embodying the nation's rich silver heritage.

  • Samurai Warrior Silver Bar: With a fierce warrior design, this bar appeals to collectors for its detailed artistry and .999 fine silver content.

  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar: The RCM is renowned for its security features and high standards, with each bar featuring enhanced security elements and a unique serial number for authenticity.

  • Engelhard MTB Liberty Trade Silver Bar: These vintage bars offer a glimpse into the past with their unique designs featuring the Statue of Liberty, made from .999+ fine silver in secondary market condition.



Silver is a steadfast option for safeguarding wealth, with 10-ounce bars providing a significant silver holding at low premiums, easy storage, and stable demand. Whether for diversification or as a tangible asset, silver bars offer a reliable investment.



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