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Did you know that metals are older than the Earth itself? Born from the Big Bang, conditioned by the Earth’s crust, and discovered by mankind’s limitless curiosity, metals are integral to our lives. While modern metallurgy developed over 8000 years ago, the discovery of platinum is quite fresh in comparison to millennia-old gold and silver. Platinum’s large-scale use only began in the 19th century, but today you can be among the select group of people who buy platinum bullion.

The word “platinum” is derived from “platina”, a Spanish word that translates to “little silver”. Commonly found in ores of gold, platinum was thought to be flecks of silver, and was subsequently thrown away. Platinum was misunderstood and not taken very seriously until modern metallurgy made it possible to study the metal. It’s also extremely difficult to extract, which could be why it does not have significant historical usage, unlike Silver and Gold.

Today, the word “platinum” is a symbol of prestige and excellence. Think of Platinum credit cards, Platinum albums, and Platinum jewelry. It’s easy to believe that it is a mark of exclusivity and a high-end tag for quality products.

What makes platinum bullion so irresistible to modern industrialists and jewelry connoisseurs?

The magic behind platinum bullion’s steady demand and prices across all circles is in its unique properties: high density, extreme stability, anti-corrosive properties, high malleability, and ductility. All these combine to make platinum the most versatile precious metal.

Platinum is a wise, all-weather investment for every investor. Its low-risk entry and healthy premium guarantees unique and rewarding opportunities. Buy platinum bullion now and diversify your safe-haven assets with MT Bullion.

Buy Platinum Bullion Coins

Platinum invokes memories of wedding bands, classy watches, and converters in diesel cars. Its rarity is thirty times more than gold, but this does not limit its universal demand or usage in any way. Almost every industry makes use of platinum from fertilizers, automobiles, and hardware solutions to, of course, jewelry and platinum bullion coins.

Produced by the Austrian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, British Royal Mint, and the United States Mint, platinum bullion coins are a viable option for those looking for a striking but shrewd investment. The United States Mint introduced its first platinum bullion coins in 1997 with the American Platinum Eagle. The American Platinum Eagle is the first and most iconic platinum coin produced by the United States Mint. Note that it is not just the coin’s value, you are also investing in the mint’s long and respected history. Buy platinum bullion coins today and create a truly diverse coin collection.

Buy Platinum Bullion Bars Online

Platinum is both a precious metal for its value and a noble metal for its rare occurrence. Thirty times rarer than gold, this metal is also extremely difficult to extract. As a matter of fact, 10 tons of ore, refined over 6 months of time can produce just 1 ounce of platinum. Lucky for the average precious metals investor, you can buy platinum bullion bars in multiple sizes from 1 gram to 1 troy ounce and even 10 troy ounces! Also if you are a beginner to platinum investing, fractional sizes let you dip your toe into the platinum bullion bar world without overwhelming yourself with a metal that you are just starting to invest in. 

Platinum’s properties and usability across multiple spheres make it such a valued investment. Its high demand on the industrial front gives platinum a stable base for its price to move.

Since Platinum is hard to purchase in bulk, bars provide a scalable alternative. When you buy platinum bullion bars, you also pay less per premium over spot price as opposed to platinum bullion coins. The most popular platinum bullion bars are the PAMP Suisse platinum bars. These master-crafted bars are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity and the stellar name of the world-renowned refinery. 

Buy Platinum Rounds Online

Do you want to buy platinum bullion but are deterred by the price? We have a solution: consider platinum rounds! 

Platinum rounds are another way to diversify and buy platinum bullion, and they are especially respected because they are often difficult to find. Investors may often discover that platinum rounds typically carry lower premiums than platinum bullion coins, making them more cost-effective purchases for investors on a budget. Platinum rounds are also an option for those who do not want to invest in platinum bullion bars. Because platinum bars are typically produced in larger sizes, platinum rounds offer you smaller-sized options for your platinum bullion collection.  Add something truly remarkable to your portfolio with a platinum round from MT Bullion today.