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Buy US Gold Coins

Gold coins are a timeless investment that can serve to protect your portfolio from the effects of economic flux. With a high and consistent value that often performs well when counterbalanced with oil prices, gold coins have become a highly sought-after commodity among savvy investors and coin collectors alike. U.S. Mint gold coins are especially renowned for their exquisite designs and high gold purity, featuring iconic American symbols like Lady Liberty and the bald eagle. It is no wonder why U.S. Mint coins are the go-to gold coin for discerning investors.

Sizes and Designs of US Mint Gold Coins

When it comes to gold coins, the US Mint offers a range of options, from pre-1933 coins to modern bullion coins. Popular gold coins include Gold American Buffalo coins, Gold American Eagle coins, and commemorative coins. The sizes of these coins generally range from 1/10 troy oz to 1 troy oz. Pre-1933 minted gold coins have a range of weights, from .1209 to .9675 troy oz. They are categorized as Quarter Eagles ($2.50), Half Eagles ($5), Eagles ($10), and Double Eagle coins ($20). These coins are highly sought after for their historical significance, gold content, and rarity. Many of these coins are no longer in circulation due to Executive Order 6102, making them even more collectible. Despite their lack of modern-day production, some of these coins can still be found today.

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

This highly recognizable gold coin is a widely sought-after investment across the world. Featuring a design inspired by the famous $20 Augustus Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coin, the obverse side of the coin is a memorable and beautiful portrayal of Lady Liberty with an olive branch, torch, and the Capitol building engraved in the background. The reverse side previously displayed a touching image of a family of American bald eagles, created by Miley Busiek. This design has recently been updated to a highly realistic profile image of an American bald eagle, created by Jennie Norris. 

The Gold American Eagle is issued in denominations of $5, $10, $25, and $50 USD, with the most popular being the 1 troy oz $50 Gold American Eagle coin. In addition to the standard Brilliant Uncirculated Gold American Eagle, the Proof American Eagle and Certified Gold American Eagle Editions are released each year. The Gold American Eagle was first issued in 1986, and has been a beloved and well-respected coin ever since.

Buy American Gold Buffalo coins

The American Gold Buffalo coin features a top-tier design from the US Mint, made from 24-karat gold (.9999). This unique coin was first introduced in 2006 to rival the foreign gold coins such as the Canadian Gold Maple leaf. It is a tribute to America’s past, all sculpted by James Earl Fraser. Inspired by a real bison named Black Diamond who once lived in New York City’s Central Park Zoo, the reverse side of the coin depicts a buffalo. The Gold Buffalo coin is an excellent choice for any investor, especially because it is the first ever 24K gold coin of the US Mint. It is available in Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof, Reverse Proof, and certified editions.

Buy US Commemorative Gold Coins

The US Mint has been producing legal tender $5 and $10 Commemorative gold coins since 1985 in a range of designs that honor significant people, places, and events. There are many $5 Commemorative gold coins available, all of which celebrate important milestones in American history. Here is a sample of some of the designs you will find:

  • 1983-84 & 1995-96 - The Olympic Games. Surcharges supported the US Olympic Committee with training and support of American athletes.
  • 1986 - Commemorating the centennial of the Statue of Liberty. This program helped fund the renovation of the Statue of Liberty and the subsequent Ellis Island museum. 
  • 1991 - 50th Anniversary of Mount Rushmore. 50% of the surcharges collected helped support the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society to improve the memorial.
  • 2008 - The American Bald Eagle, which celebrates their population growth after nearly going extinct 35 years prior. Surcharges benefited the American Eagle Foundation of Tennessee to help save and protect Bald Eagles in the US.
  • 2016 - Mark Twain, one of the most famous American novelists of all time.
  • 2018 - Breast Cancer Awareness coins. Surcharges supported the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in NYC.
  • 2019 - 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. Surcharges were donated to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum’s “Destination Moon” exhibit. Further donations contributed to the Astronauts Memorial Foundation and Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.
  • 2020 - 60th Anniversary of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Surcharges went to support the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • 2021 - National Law Enforcement Memorial & Museum Coins. This program honors the museum and the sacrifices and achievements of American law enforcement. Surcharges support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Inc. for educational and outreach programs/exhibits.

Other US Commemorative Gold Coins

Since 2007, the US Mint has issued commemorative 10$ First Spouse gold coins as legal tender to honor the nation's first spouses and their humanitarian efforts. Each coin features details of the order and year of the President of the United States, and these coins continue to be issued to this day. 

In 2016, the US Mint issued a series of coins to mark the 100th anniversary of the classic designs first issued in 1916:

  • Standing Liberty: Composed of 24-Karat gold and depicting Hermon MacNeil’s original design of Standing Liberty.
  • Walking Liberty: Composed of 24-Karat gold and depicting Adolph Weinman’s original design of Walking Liberty.
  • Mercury (Winged Liberty): Composed of 24-Karat gold and depicting Adolph Weinman’s original design of Winged Liberty.

The US Mint routinely commemorates American history each year. With medals and coins available in both gold and silver, you can be sure the US Mint shall regularly feature bullion that displays distinctly American icons.

Buy Pre-1933 Gold Coins

Pre-1933 gold coins have an appeal all their own due to their rarity and historical value. During the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, which called for the confiscation of all gold coins produced between 1743 and 1933. Despite this, some exclusive pre-1933 gold coins are still available in the market.

The most popular designs include:

  • Indian Head gold coins, which depicted the impressed profile of an Indigenous American chief. This style resembled Ancient Greek coins.
  • The Liberty Gold Head coin, that featured Lady Liberty’s profile with a coronet on top of her head.
  • The Saint Gaudens gold coins, that showcased Lady Liberty’s flowing hair, olive branch, and torch make this coin a memorable investment. Also inscribed: the Capitol building on the background to the left, the word “LIBERTY” on top, and the year of manufacture to the right. 

The sizes of the pre-1933 gold coins range from .1209 to .9675 troy oz. You can be sure that your US Mint gold coin collecting journey will be easy and satisfactory by using Bullion Hunters’ price comparisons.