Perth Mint Silver



Bullion Hunters is your premier destination for discovering the best online prices for Perth Mint Silver Coins, the crown jewel of Australia's minting legacy. The Perth Mint, Australia's oldest operating mint, has been producing exquisite gold and silver coins since its inauguration in June 1899, initially serving as a branch of the Royal London Mint to supply Australia with its currency.

Historically, Australia's currency was minted from locally mined precious metals, which were then sent to Great Britain for refinement and minting before returning to circulate within Australia. To streamline this cumbersome process, the British government established mints in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, with the latter transitioning to the Western Australian government's ownership in 1970 and later becoming part of the Gold Corporation in 1987.

The Perth Mint is renowned for its stunning Australian Silver coins, minted in various sizes with a .999 fine silver content. Among its most celebrated series are the Australian Koala, the Australian Lunar, and the Kookaburra coin series.

The Australian Koala coin series, launched in 2007, captivates collectors with its intricately detailed designs of koalas in their natural habitat, from navigating branches to feasting on eucalyptus leaves. This series offers diverse weight options, ranging from 1 oz to 1 kg, catering to all preferences.

The Australian Lunar Silver coin series, initiated in 1999, draws inspiration from the Chinese Lunar Calendar, presenting a 12-year cycle of zodiac symbols. This collection features nine designs, including the pig, dog, rooster, monkey, goat, horse, snake, dragon, and rabbit, available in sizes from 1/2 oz to 1 kg.

Introduced in 1990, the Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin Series pays homage to the iconic bird known for its distinctive call. Each coin showcases the kookaburra in various settings, from soaring skies to gum tree habitats, issued in 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kg sizes with limited mintage, making them a coveted choice for collectors and investors alike.

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