Buy 2 Oz Silver Coins


When it comes to enhancing your silver collection, 2 oz silver coins and rounds offer a distinct and valuable choice. Bullion Hunters is your premier destination for discovering the best online prices for these unique investments. The production of 2 oz silver coins is relatively rare, with only a few mints offering them in limited quantities. These larger-than-standard coins not only stand out due to their size but also boast intricate designs and are often part of exclusive collections, making them highly sought-after by collectors and investors alike.



For coin enthusiasts looking to diversify their holdings, 2 oz silver coins present an intriguing option. Their unique size makes them standout pieces in any collection, and their value is enhanced by both their silver content and their distinctive designs. Bullion Hunters can guide you to exceptional deals on these coins, helping you to build an impressive collection that reflects your interests and investment goals.



Long esteemed by investors, the Royal British Mint is known for its exceptional silver bullion coins, including the 2-oz pieces in the limited edition Queen’s Beasts series. This series commemorates Queen Elizabeth II's record-breaking reign and is a must-have for collectors aiming to secure every coin before the series concludes.



Emerging from its origins as part of the Royal British Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has made a name for itself with innovative minting technologies and captivating coin series. The RCM's Creatures of the North series, featuring legendary creatures like the Kraken on 2 oz silver coins, has gained popularity for its imaginative designs and advanced security features, making RCM coins a top pick for those looking to invest in silver.



Boasting a rich history that spans five centuries, the Mexican Mint (La Casa de Moneda de México) offers a wide array of gold and silver coins, including the 2 oz silver Libertad. Inspired by the historic Centenario coin, the Libertad is celebrated worldwide, and Bullion Hunters can help you find the best prices for these magnificent 2 oz silver coins.



Founded as an extension of the Royal British Mint, the Perth Mint is renowned for its production of the Gold Sovereigns until 1931 and now for its popular Koala, Kookaburra, Lunar, and Kangaroo coin series. The 2 oz silver coins from the Lunar series are particularly sought-after, and through Bullion Hunters, you can access these and other exceptional coins from the Perth Mint at competitive prices.

Bullion Hunters does not sell precious metals directly but aims to assist you in finding the most favorable online prices for these and other premium 2 oz silver coins, enriching your collection with both beauty and value.