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1 gram PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar .9995 Fine (In Assay)

Actual Weight
0.03215 troy oz
0.4 mm
14.7 x 8.9 mm
Gross Weight
1 gram
New In Assay
PAMP Suisse
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Invest in the 1 gram PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar .9995 Fine (In Assay)

Discover the allure and value of the 1 gram PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar. This exquisite bar contains one gram of .9995 fine platinum, making it a valuable addition to any precious metals collection. The bar comes in assay, ensuring its quality, authenticity, weight, and purity. PAMP Suisse is renowned for its high standards and exceptional quality, making this bar a trusted investment.

The front of the bar features the iconic "Cornucopia" design, which is a signature of PAMP Suisse bars. With dimensions of 8.9 x 14.7 mm and a thickness of 0.36 mm, this bar is compact and easy to store. Its sleek and elegant design adds to its appeal.

Product Features:
- Contains one gram of .9995 fine platinum.
- Comes in assay for quality assurance.
- Features the iconic "Cornucopia" design.
- Compact dimensions for easy storage.

Investing in the 1 gram PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Platinum is a precious metal that has maintained its value over time, making it a stable investment option. Unlike stocks and bonds, the price of platinum tends to rise in response to economic uncertainties, providing a hedge against inflation.

In addition to its investment value, this platinum bar is also a collector's item. PAMP Suisse is a highly respected refiner, and their bars are sought after by collectors around the world. Owning a PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar allows you to hold a piece of craftsmanship and artistry in your hands.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a passionate collector, the 1 gram PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar is a valuable addition to your portfolio. Its compact size, exceptional quality, and timeless design make it a standout choice. Invest in this platinum bar and diversify your investment portfolio with a precious metal that holds both intrinsic and aesthetic value.
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