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1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar .9999 Fine

Actual Weight
32.15 troy oz
16.7 mm
Gross Weight
1 kilo
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Invest in the 1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar .9999 Fine
Add value to your precious metals portfolio with the 1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar .9999 Fine. Produced by one of the oldest and most renowned manufacturers in the international bullion market, Metalor Group, this silver bar is a unique and trustworthy investment. Metalor Group is known for its Swiss quality and commitment to environmental issues, making their products highly sought after.

The history of Metalor Group dates back to 1852 when it was founded in Switzerland as Métaux Précieux SA Metalor. Originally a supplier of gold elements to local watch-making businesses, the company expanded its services in 1864 by merging with a local bank to provide bullion for the banking industry. It wasn't until 1918, when Metalor was acquired by the Swiss Bank Corporation, that it obtained its official name. In 2016, Metalor Group was acquired by the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, forming the current Metalor Group and expanding its reach internationally. Today, Metalor Group is one of the world's major suppliers of precious metals products.

The 1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar features the Metalor logo, weight, purity, and a unique serial number on the obverse side. The reverse side is blank, allowing the purity and weight of the bar to take center stage. Made from .9999 fine silver, this bar contains 1 kilo (32.15 troy oz) of silver, making it a substantial addition to any precious metals portfolio.

Product Features:
- Made from .9999 fine silver
- Weight of 1 kilo (32.15 troy oz)
- Manufactured by the Metalor Group
- Obverse: Metalor logo, weight, purity, and a serial number
- Reverse: Blank

Investing in the 1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar .9999 Fine offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. The reputation of Metalor Group ensures the quality and authenticity of the bar, making it a trustworthy investment. Silver has always been a valuable precious metal, and its price tends to rise in response to economic uncertainties. Adding this silver bar to your portfolio allows you to diversify your investments and protect your wealth.

Whether you are a collector or an investor, the 1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar .9999 Fine is a valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio. Its unique
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