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10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar .999 Fine

Actual Weight
10 troy oz
Gross Weight
311 g
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Invest in the Rare 10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar .999 Fine

Discover the allure and rarity of the 10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar. Crafted from .999 fine silver, this bar weighs 10 troy ounces, making it a valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio. Engelhard Corporation, founded in 1902 by Charles W. Engelhard, quickly became one of the world's largest refiners of precious metals. Their bars are highly collectible due to the company's unparalleled reputation and the fact that they stamped their products with the exact weight and purity.

The front of the bar features the Engelhard logo, along with the bar's weight and purity, providing investors with peace of mind. Each bar also comes with a unique serial number inscribed underneath the logo. The back of the bar has been left blank, allowing the purity and weight to take center stage.

Investing in the 10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. These bars are no longer in production, making them incredibly rare and desirable. Their rarity, along with the reputation of Engelhard Corporation, adds to their value and collectibility. 

Product Features:
- Made from .999 fine silver.
- Weighs 10 troy ounces.
- Stamped with the Engelhard logo, weight, purity, and a unique serial number.
- Back of the bar is left blank.
- Rare and highly collectible.

Adding the 10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar to your collection or investment portfolio allows you to own a piece of history. Bullion Exchanges provides a wide selection of silver bullion bars, including this rare Engelhard bar. Each order is carefully wrapped and shipped to your address, ensuring its safe arrival. 

Invest in the rare and valuable 10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar and diversify your investment portfolio with a piece of precious metal history.
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