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10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin (Random Year)

10 Pesos
Actual Weight
0.2411 troy oz
1.4 mm
22.8 mm
Gross Weight
8.33 grams
Almost / Brilliant Uncirculated
Mexico City Mint
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Invest in the 10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin (Random Year)
Discover the allure and historical significance of the 10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin. This gold coin depicts Mexico's national hero, Don Miguel Hidalgo, who played a crucial role in Mexico's fight for independence. As a Roman Catholic priest, Hidalgo organized an army of civilians and peasants and was martyred by the Spanish. Minted from 1905 to 1959, this coin holds immense historical value and is a must-have for any collector or investor.

The obverse of the 10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin features a left-facing portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo. The coin is inscribed with "DIEZ PESOS," "M," a star, and the year of mintage. This design pays homage to Hidalgo's significant contribution to Mexico's independence movement. On the reverse side, you'll find a golden eagle perched on a pear cactus, holding a snake in its beak and talon. The circular design is completed with an olive and oak wreath and the inscription "Estados Unidos Mexicanos."

Product Features:
- Made from .900 pure gold with a weight of .2411 troy oz.
- Struck by Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexican Mint).
- Coins are selected at random and may come in various conditions and years.
- Obverse features the left-facing profile portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo, along with the inscriptions "Diez Pesos," "M," a star, and the year of mintage.
- Reverse displays the Mexican Coat of Arms - an Eagle sitting atop a cactus with a serpent in its beak and talons. The design is encircled by the inscription of "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" on the top half and bottom half by a laurel wreath.

Investing in the 10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Its historical significance and limited mintage make it highly sought after, commanding a premium over spot price. Gold has always maintained its value over the long term, providing a stable investment option. Additionally, these coins are considered heirlooms and collector's items, offering protection from seizure by the government.

Diversify your investment portfolio and own a piece of Mexican history with the 10 Pesos Mexican Gold Coin. Add this coin to your collection today and enjoy the beauty and historical significance it
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