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100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Assay)

Actual Weight
3.215 troy oz
Gross Weight
100 grams
Secondary Market
Valcambi Suisse
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Invest in the 100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Assay)
Enhance your investment portfolio with the prestigious 100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Assay). This exquisite gold bar is crafted from a high fineness of 0.9999 gold and weighs 100 grams. Valcambi Suisse gold bars are renowned for their exceptional quality and master craftsmanship, making them a highly sought-after investment choice.

Valcambi Suisse, established in 1961 as Valori & Cambi and later merged with Credit Suisse, has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the finest gold bars in the world. The refinery consistently upholds the highest manufacturing standards and utilizes cutting-edge technology to create bullion of superior quality and efficiency. Adding a Valcambi Suisse gold bar to your collection not only ensures high gold purity but also carries the prestige of the renowned Valcambi Suisse name.

Each 100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Assay) features a unique serial number on both the bar and the accompanying assay card, guaranteeing its authenticity. The obverse of the bar showcases the mint's revolving square logo, along with inscriptions of the weight, purity, and the assayer's signature. The reverse is intentionally left blank, allowing the bar's elegance to shine through.

Product Features:
- Made from .9999 fine gold with a weight of 100 grams
- Classic cast finish for a timeless appeal
- Each bar includes an assayer's mark and individual serial number
- Shipped with the original assay card to validate its authenticity
- Carefully packaged for safe delivery

Investing in the 100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Assay) offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Its high gold purity and renowned craftsmanship make it a valuable addition to any portfolio. Gold has historically maintained its value over the long term, providing a stable investment option. In times of economic uncertainty, gold prices tend to rise, offering a hedge against market fluctuations. Additionally, Valcambi Suisse gold bars are highly regarded in the industry, ensuring their desirability among collectors and investors alike.

Diversify your investment portfolio and acquire the 100 gram Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (Cast, w/Ass
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