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100 oz Eagle Design Silver Cast Bar .9999 Fine

Actual Weight
100 troy oz
Gross Weight
3,110.35 grams
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Bullion Exchanges is now carrying the 100 oz Eagle Design Silver Cast Bar .9999 Fine. This silver bar is struck from .9999 fine silver and weighs 100 ounces. CNT is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the precious metals industry, growing from its origins as a small family-owned business in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This bar features an American bald eagle swooping downwards as it stretches out the claws on its talons as if hunting. The bar’s weight and purity are inscribed beneath this majestic bird. The bar’s reverse has no design or inscriptions but does feature rustic texturing left behind by the minting process.Add this 100 oz Eagle Design Silver Cast Bar to your precious metals portfolio today by purchasing this unique bar.

The 100 oz Eagle Design Silver Cast Bar .9999 Fine is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship, struck from .9999 fine silver and weighing a substantial 100 ounces. Manufactured by CNT, a renowned name in precious metals, this bar is a standout choice for investors and collectors alike. The obverse of the bar showcases a beautifully detailed depiction of an American Bald Eagle in mid-swoop, a powerful symbol of American freedom and strength. Accompanying this majestic image are inscriptions detailing the bar's weight and purity, confirming its quality. The reverse side is intentionally left blank, showcasing a rustic texturing that is characteristic of the casting process. This texturing adds a unique, raw aesthetic to the bar, making it not just a valuable investment but also a piece of art.

Bullion Exchanges is pleased to provide a wide selection of silver bars, including this 100 oz Eagle Design Silver Cast Bar.  We also carry gold bars, gold rounds, and silver rounds. Your purchase will be securely packaged and shipped to your address. Our customer service associates are standing by to help you with any questions or concerns.

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