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100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/Assay)

Actual Weight
100 troy oz
Gross Weight
3110.3 grams
New with Assay
Nadir Refinery
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Invest in the 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/Assay)
Discover the value and purity of the 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/Assay). This massive silver bar, manufactured by the Nadir Refinery, contains 100 troy ounces of .9999 fine silver. Each bar comes with an assay card, guaranteeing its weight and purity. 

The Nadir Refinery, Turkey's first gold refinery, is renowned for its quality and accreditation. Established in 1967, the refinery has grown from a modest jewelry recycling workshop to a full refinery with international recognition. Accredited by the Istanbul Gold Exchange, Dubai Stock Exchange, and LBMA, the Nadir Refinery is a trusted name in the precious metals industry. 

The obverse of the 100 oz Nadir Refinery silver bar features a smooth finish with inscriptions detailing the weight, purity, assayer's signature, and a unique serial number. The reverse is intentionally left blank, allowing the bar's purity and weight to take center stage. 

Product Features:
- Made from .9999 fine silver with a weight of 100 troy ounces
- Each bar comes with an assay card, guaranteeing weight and purity
- Obverse features the official logo of the Nadir Refinery, along with inscriptions of weight, purity, assayer's name, and serial number
- Reverse intentionally left blank

Investing in the 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/Assay) offers both collectors and investors a classic and valuable addition to their portfolios. These silver bars, prized for their purity and the reputation of the Nadir Refinery, are a timeless investment. 

Silver has long been recognized as a store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainties. Its value has remained stable over time, making it a reliable investment option. Additionally, silver bars like the Nadir Refinery Silver Bar are highly liquid, easily bought and sold in the precious metals market. 

Diversify your investment portfolio and add a piece of the Nadir Refinery's legacy with the 100 oz Nadir Refinery Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/Assay). Its impressive weight, purity, and reputation make it a valuable addition to any collection.
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