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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU

Actual Weight
0.7734 troy oz
3.1 mm
38.1 mm
Gross Weight
26.73 grams
Almost Uncirculated
US Mint
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Invest in the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU
Discover the allure and historical significance of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU. This iconic coin holds a special place in American history and is a must-have for any coin collector or investor.

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU is made from .900 fine silver and contains .77344 troy ounces of silver. Each coin arrives in Almost Uncirculated Condition, meaning it has traces of wear at the highest points but no other signs of use. This coin is a true piece of history and may have no mint mark (Philadelphia), a D mint mark (Denver), or an S mint mark (San Francisco).

Morgan Dollars were first minted following the passage of the Coinage Act of 1873. They were initially minted from 1878 through 1904 but were brought back in 1921 due to their popularity. These coins were named after their designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar represents the US's westward expansion and industrial development in the late 1800s.

The obverse of the coin features the bust of Lady Liberty looking left. This image was based on a school teacher named Anna Willess Williams, who posed for the new design. The reverse showcases a heraldic eagle holding arrows and an olive branch in its talons. The inscriptions on the coin include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "ONE DOLLAR."

Product Features:
- Made from .900 fine silver with a weight of 0.7734 troy oz
- Almost Uncirculated Condition
- The coin may have no mint mark (Philadelphia), a D mint mark (Denver), or an S mint mark (San Francisco)
- Legal tender of the US Government
- Face value of $1
- Individual coins arrive in a protective plastic coin flip. Multiples of 20 are shipped in protective plastic tubes.

Investing in the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Its historical significance and limited availability make it highly sought after. Silver has always maintained its value over the long term, providing a stable investment option. Additionally, these coins are considered collector's items, offering protection from seizure by the United States Treasury.

Diversify your investment portfolio and own a piece of American history with the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar AU. Purchase your AU
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