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1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar VG-XF (Random Year)

$1 US
Actual Weight
.7734 troy oz
3.1 mm
38.1 mm
Gross Weight
26.73 grams
Very Good - Extra Fine
US Mint
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Introducing the 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar VG-XF (Random Year), a timeless piece of history that holds both numismatic and investment value. As a precious metal price comparison engine, Bullion Hunters is dedicated to helping you find the lowest price for this exquisite coin across all dealers. 

The Peace Silver Dollar, minted from 1922 to 1935, is a symbol of peace and tranquility in the aftermath of World War I. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, this iconic coin features Lady Liberty on the obverse, with rays of sunlight emanating from her head. The reverse showcases a majestic bald eagle perched on a rock, clutching an olive branch, symbolizing peace. Each coin is struck in 90% silver, with a total weight of 26.73 grams and a diameter of 38.1mm.

When it comes to investing in precious metals, the Peace Silver Dollar is a popular choice among collectors and investors alike. Its historical significance, coupled with its silver content, makes it a valuable addition to any portfolio. With Bullion Hunters, you can easily compare prices from various dealers, ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

The condition of the coin is an important factor to consider when purchasing numismatic pieces. The VG-XF (Very Good to Extremely Fine) grade indicates that the coin has moderate to light wear, with most of the original details still visible. This grade strikes a balance between affordability and quality, making it an ideal choice for both collectors and investors.

By using Bullion Hunters, you can save time and effort by instantly comparing prices for the 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar VG-XF (Random Year) from multiple dealers. Our price comparison engine scours the internet to find you the lowest price available, ensuring that you make an informed decision and get the best value for your money.

In conclusion, the 1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar VG-XF (Random Year) is a highly sought-after coin that combines historical significance with investment potential. With Bullion Hunters, you can easily compare prices from various dealers and find the lowest price available. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this iconic coin to your collection or investment portfolio. Start your search with Bullion Hunters today and secure the best deal possible.
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