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20 Francs French Lucky Angel Gold Coin AGW .1867 oz Avg Circ (Random Year)

20 Francs
Actual Weight
0.1867 troy oz
1.3 mm
21.2 mm
Gross Weight
6.45 grams
Average Circulated
Paris Mint
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Invest in the French Lucky Angel Gold Coin
Discover the beauty and historical significance of the 20 Francs French Lucky Angel Gold Coin. This exquisite coin features the remarkable Lucky Angel design, which was conceived by Augustin Dupre in 1792. The design was later integrated into the 20 Franc gold coin in 1871, making it a truly unique and sought-after piece.

The France Gold 20 Francs Lucky is composed of .1867 troy ounces of pure gold, making it a valuable investment. These coins are also French legal tender, adding to their appeal. Struck by the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), which has a long history dating back to 864, these coins are a testament to French craftsmanship and artistry.

The obverse side of the France Gold 20 Francs Lucky Angel showcases Dupre's beloved original design. This design made its debut in 1792 and has since become iconic. The reverse side of the coin features the inscriptions "LIBERTE," "EGALITE," "FRATERNITE," and "A," with "20 francs 1899" in the center. This combination of historical and artistic elements makes the coin truly special.

Augustin Dupre, the designer of the Lucky Angel, was commissioned by King Louis XVI during the French Revolution to create new French coinage. He was designated as France's fourteenth Engraver General of Currency, highlighting his talent and expertise. Dupre's connection to the coin adds to its historical significance and makes it a fascinating piece for collectors and investors alike.

Legend has it that Dupre narrowly escaped death by using a Gold Angel coin to bribe a gatekeeper. This event catapulted the popularity of the coin, earning it the nickname "Lucky Gold Angel." Today, the Lucky Gold Angel remains a rare and highly sought-after coin, cherished for its historical significance and unique design.

Please note that the year of the coin may vary depending on our current inventory. Each coin is chosen randomly based on availability, adding to the excitement and collectability of the piece.

Product Features:
- Contains .1867 troy ounces of pure gold.
- French legal tender.
- Struck by the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint).
- Features the iconic Lucky Angel design by Augustin Dupre.
- Each coin is unique and chosen randomly based on availability.

Investing in the 20 Francs French Lucky Angel Gold Coin offers both collectors and investors a
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