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20 Francs Swiss Helvetia Vreneli Gold Coin AGW .1867 AU/BU (1897-1949, Random Year)

20 Francs
Actual Weight
0.1867 troy oz
1.4 mm
21 mm
Gross Weight
6.45 grams
Almost / Brilliant Uncirculated
Bern Mint
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Invest in the 20 Francs Swiss Helvetia Vreneli Gold Coin AGW .1867 oz AU/BU (1897-1949, Random Year)
Discover the allure and historical significance of the 20 Francs Swiss Helvetia Vreneli Gold Coin AGW .1867 oz AU/BU. This stunning coin, weighing 0.1867 troy oz, is struck from .900 fine gold and is available in either About/Almost Uncirculated Condition or Brilliant Uncirculated Condition. The Helvetia design on the Swiss Franc coin has made it a popular choice among collectors and investors worldwide.

The Swiss 20 Francs Vreneli gold coins were produced from 1897-1936, with restrikes issued in 1947 and 1949. The name Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland, dates back to Roman times. Vreneli is the informal name used to refer to the range of legal tender gold coins which exist in three denominations: 10, 20, and 100 francs. The name "Vreneli" was attributed to the female head by Neuchâtel medalist Fritz Ulisse Landry.

The obverse of the Swiss Vreneli depicts the bust of a young woman, known as the "Swiss Miss," with a bridal hairstyle. The charming design is adorned with Edelweiss, a wooly flower with star-shaped petals, on her collar. The majestic Swiss Alps fill the background, creating a picturesque scene. The top of the coin features the inscription "HELVETIA," while the engraver's signature "F. LANDRY" appears at the bottom right.

On the reverse side, you'll find the Swiss Coat of Arms placed on branches of oak. The denomination "20 FR" borders the central design, and at the bottom, the date and mintmark B (Bern) are displayed.

Product Features:
- Contains .900 fine gold and weighs .1867 troy oz
- Denomination of 20 francs
- Coins are selected at random based on availability
- Obverse features the bust of Vreneli in front of the Swiss Alps along with the inscriptions "Helvetia" and "F. Landry"
- Reverse displays the Swiss Coat of Arms and "20 FR"

Investing in the 20 Francs Swiss Helvetia Vreneli Gold Coin AGW .1867 oz AU/BU
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