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2018 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Queen's Beasts (Griffin) Coin .9999 Fine BU In Cap

10 Pounds
Actual Weight
10 troy oz
89.15 mm
Gross Weight
311.03 grams
Brilliant Uncirculated
Royal Mint
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Invest in the 2018 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Queen's Beast (Griffin) Coin and add a stunning piece to your collection. This highly anticipated release from the Queen's Beasts series is now available for purchase. 

The Queen's Beasts series, introduced by the British Royal Mint in 2016, features ten heraldic beasts that stood at the Queen's coronation in 1953. Each coin in the series showcases one of these beasts, along with a badge of arms associated with Her Majesty's ancestry. The first coin in the series was the "Lion of England," followed by the "Griffin of Edward III" and the "Red Dragon of Wales."

The 2018 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Griffin Coin is a tribute to the past and present monarchy. These heraldic beasts represent the ten that flanked the entrance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. They connect her reign to that of King Henry VII, whose moat at Hampton Court Palace still features these same beasts.

Designed by Jody Clark, the griffin depicted on this coin was the private seal of Edward III. With the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, the griffin is the king of beasts two times over.

Product Features:
- Made from 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 10 oz.
- Struck by the Royal Mint.
- Brilliant Uncirculated Condition.
- Denomination of £10 (GBP).
- Each coin is packaged in a plastic capsule.
- Legal tender of the United Kingdom.

The obverse of the coin showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, along with inscriptions of her name, "Elizabeth II," and "D.G. REG F.D" (Queen by the Grace of God). The reverse features a stylized image of the Griffin of Edward III, with inscriptions of "GRIFFIN OF EDWARD III," "JC" in reference to the designer, and the weight, purity, and year of mintage circling the edges.

Investing in the 2018 Great Britain 10 oz Silver Griffin Coin allows you to own a piece of history and add a beautiful and valuable coin to your collection. Bullion Exchanges offers a wide selection of exclusive items from renowned international refineries, and this coin can be yours with just a few clicks. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of the Queen's Beasts series.
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