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2022 1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin BU

10 Euro
Actual Weight
1/10 troy oz
1.2 mm
16 mm
Gross Weight
3.11 grams
Brilliant Uncirculated
Austrian Mint
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Invest in the 2022 1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin BU
Enhance the musicality of your metals portfolio with the 2022 1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin BU. These coins, first released in 1989, celebrate the esteemed Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra, also known as the Wiener Philharmoniker. Made of .9999 fine gold and weighing just 1/10 of a troy ounce, these coins are perfect for collectors and investors alike. Despite their face value of $10 Euro, these coins are worth much more due to their metal content and weight. Add this highly collectible Brilliant Uncirculated gold coin to your portfolio today!

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin is part of a series that also includes Platinum and Silver versions. These coins pay homage to the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which was established in 1842 and continues to be one of the most respected orchestral ensembles in the world. Based at the prestigious Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, this orchestra captivates classical music fans worldwide. Now, you can capture the magic of the Vienna Philharmonic by owning an Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin.

The obverse of the coin features the exquisitely designed Musikverein Pipe Organ, located in the Golden Hall. This organ is the fourth version to be installed inside the concert hall since 1870. The reverse of the coin showcases an assortment of musical instruments, including the Vienna Horn, Harp, Bassoon, and a cello centered between four violins. Above the instruments, the inscription "Wiener Philharmoniker" adds to the coin's artistic appeal.

Product Features:
- Contains .9999 fine gold with a weight of 1/10 troy oz
- Struck by the Austrian Mint
- Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
- Face value of 10 Euros
- Legal Austrian Tender
- Individual coins come in a plastic flip
- Obverse: Shows the Musikverein Great Organ in the Golden Hall, with inscriptions in German indicating the purity, weight, and year of minting
- Reverse: Features an array of musical instruments, with the inscription "Wiener Philharmoniker" above

Investing in the 2022 1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin BU offers a unique opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. These coins hold both collectible
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