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2023 GB 1/4 oz Gold The Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Coin BU

25 British Pounds
Actual Weight
1/4 troy oz
1 mm
22 mm
Gross Weight
7.78 grams
Brilliant Uncirculated
British Royal Mint
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Invest in the 2023 GB 1/4 oz Gold The Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Coin BU
Discover the beauty and historical significance of the 2023 GB 1/4 oz Gold The Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Coin BU. This stunning coin, produced by the British Royal Mint, contains 1/4 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold and is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. It is the third release in the Tudor Beasts series, featuring the Bull of Clarence. With a face value of 25 pounds, this coin is authorized by the British government and holds both numismatic and investment value.

The Bull of Clarence is one of the ten Royal Beasts, which represent the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II. These heraldic statues were displayed at her coronation in 1953, symbolizing her ancestry and the history of the monarchies that came before her. The Bull of Clarence holds significant historical importance in British royal heraldry, as it is closely tied to the House of York. The bull's connection to the name "Clarence" comes from Edward IV's claim to the English throne through his lineage traced back to Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence. The bull represents strength, courage, and benevolence.

Product Features:
- 3rd Release in the Tudor Beasts Collection
- Contains 1/4 troy ounces of .9999 fine gold
- Produced by the British Royal Mint
- Brilliant Uncirculated Coin
- Face value of 25 pounds, backed by the British government
- Individual coins arrive in protective coin flips and multiples of 25 come in a tube
- Obverse features the effigy of King Charles III surrounded by inscriptions
- Reverse showcases a heraldic depiction of the Bull of Clarence over a chain mail surface animation background texture for added security

Investing in the 2023 GB 1/4 oz Gold The Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Coin BU offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Its fractional size and high purity make it a convenient and valuable addition to any portfolio. Gold has always been a reliable store of value, and its price tends to rise during times of economic uncertainty. Additionally, this coin holds historical significance and is a beautiful piece of artistry.

Whether you are a collector looking to expand your collection or an investor seeking a tangible asset, the 2023 GB 1/4 oz Gold The Tudor Beasts
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