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2023 Great Britain 1/10 oz Gold Britannia King Charles III Coin .9999 Fine BU

10 British Pounds
Actual Weight
1/10 oz troy oz
1.8 mm
16.5 mm
Gross Weight
3.11 grams
Brilliant Uncirculated
British Royal Mint
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Invest in the 2023 Great Britain 1/10 oz Gold Britannia King Charles III Coin .9999 Fine BU
Discover the allure and uniqueness of the 2023 Great Britain 1/10 oz Gold Britannia King Charles III Coin .9999 Fine BU. This coin, struck by the British Royal Mint, is a true collector's item. It contains 1/10 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold and arrives in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. With a face value of 10 pounds, backed by the British government, this coin is a valuable addition to any portfolio.

The most important thing about this coin is that it is the world's first bullion coin to feature the effigy of King Charles III. This makes it a highly sought-after piece for collectors. The famous image of Britannia, the divine personification of Britain, is also showcased on this coin. Designed by Philip Nathan, the Britannia design represents the nation's power and influence.

What sets this coin apart are the four innovative security features that have been incorporated into its design. The first feature is a new background wave pattern, which adds a glistening effect when hit by light. The second feature is the inclusion of smooth lines on Britannia's shield. The third feature is a hologram on the bottom left of the reverse, which transforms from a padlock to a trident as you move the coin. The fourth feature is a micro-engraved phrase, "Decus Et Tutamen," along the inner rim. These security features not only enhance the visual appeal of the coin but also provide anti-counterfeit technology.

The obverse of the coin displays the first coinage effigy of His Majesty King Charles III in front of a background wave pattern. The reverse features a depiction of Britannia standing proudly on a rock with a shield in her left hand and a trident in her outstretched right hand. The hologram is placed near the bottom of the trident, and the micro-engraved text is to the right of the shield.

Product Features:
- First Bullion Coin to Feature the Effigy of King Charles III
- Contains 1/10 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold
- Produced by the British Royal Mint
- Brilliant Uncirculated Condition
- 4 Advanced Security Features
- Face value of 10 pounds, guaranteed by the British government
- Individual coins arrive in a plastic flip and lots of 25 arrive in
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