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2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU

1.50 Euro
Actual Weight
1 troy oz
3.2 mm
37 mm
Gross Weight
31.103 grams
Brilliant Uncirculated
Austria Mint
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Introducing the 2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU, an exquisite addition to any esteemed collection of precious metals. At Bullion Hunters, your trusted Gold and Silver Price comparison platform, our unwavering dedication is to aid you in unearthing the most enticing deals on precious metal treasures. While we do not directly vend these treasures, our sole purpose is to furnish you with the most accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing information from a wide spectrum of esteemed dealers.

This extraordinary coin showcases the iconic design of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, paying homage to Austria's illustrious musical legacy. The obverse is graced by the resplendent Great Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna's Musikverein, while the reverse harmoniously weaves together an ensemble of musical instruments, including the cello, violin, harp, and French horn. Crafted with unparalleled precision, this coin emerges as a true masterpiece, transcending the realms of artistry.

Each 2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU encapsulates one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, endowing it with substantial value, cherished by both collectors and investors. Its legal tender status in Austria augments its allure and cements its authenticity. With dimensions of 37 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in thickness, this coin possesses a substantial presence, destined to captivate within any collection.

Bullion Hunters is steadfast in its commitment to bestow upon you the most current and precise pricing information for precious metals. Our state-of-the-art price comparison engine meticulously scans an array of dealers to unearth the most favorable price for the 2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU. By leveraging our platform, you not only conserve valuable time but also embark on a journey of effortless price comparison, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a neophyte investor, the 2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU stands as an indispensable addition to your portfolio. Its resplendent design, elevated silver content, and competitive pricing render it an enticing choice for connoisseurs of precious metals. Rely on Bullion Hunters to guide you toward the most favorable price for this extraordinary coin, and commence your path as a discerning and astute precious metal investor.

In summation, Bullion Hunters emerges as your paramount resource for unveiling the most enticing price for the 2024 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin BU. With its peerless design, elevated silver purity, and esteemed legal tender status, this coin epitomizes a valuable asset within any collection. Rest assured that our price comparison engine will empower you to make prudent investment decisions and inaugurate your journey as a judicious investor in the realm of precious metals.

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