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5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine

Actual Weight
5 troy oz
Gross Weight
155.6 grams
Private Mint
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Invest in the 5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine
Add a touch of unity and elegance to your precious metals collection with the 5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine. This exquisite bar contains 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, making it a valuable addition to any portfolio. Its design symbolizes unity among cultures, making it a meaningful and beautiful piece to own. Secure your own 5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine today from Bullion Exchanges!

The obverse of this bar features a powerful image of a woman holding an American flag in one hand and a sword in the other. Above her, a ribbon reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM," which translates to "out of many, one" in Latin. This phrase represents the unity and coming together of diverse elements to form a cohesive whole, originally symbolizing the unification of the thirteen original colonies into a single nation.

On the reverse side, you'll find a rattlesnake coiled around a bundle of sticks, known as a fasces. The rattlesnake has long been associated with independence, vigilance, and defense in American history. The bundle of sticks, or fasces, represents strength through unity, symbolizing that a group of individuals united together is stronger than when each person acts alone.

Product Features:
- Contains 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.
- Obverse features a woman holding an American flag and a sword, with the phrase "E PLURIBUS UNUM" overhead.
- Reverse showcases a rattlesnake coiled around a bundle of sticks, with inscriptions reading "5 TROY OUNCES" and "999 FINE SILVER."

The 5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine is just one of the many silver products available at Bullion Exchanges. Explore our selection of 5 oz Silver bars and American Silver coins to find the perfect addition to your collection. When you place an order with us, your items will be carefully wrapped and shipped directly to your provided address. If you have any questions, our customer service department is here to assist you during normal business hours.

Investing in the 5 oz Unity Silver Bar .999 Fine not only adds value to your portfolio but also represents unity and togetherness. Its intricate design and high-quality silver make it a unique and meaningful piece to own. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning bar and enhance your precious metals collection
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