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Roll of 20 - 2024 1 oz Gold American Eagle $50 Coin BU

Actual Weight
20 x 1 troy oz = 20 troy oz
2.87 mm
32.7 mm
Gross Weight
20 x 33.93 g = 678.6 g
Brilliant Uncirculated
US Mint
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Explore the elegance and intrinsic worth of the Roll of 20 - 2024 1 oz Gold American Eagle $50 Coin BU (Lot, Tube of 20). This highly coveted coin, minted by the prestigious US Mint, contains a full troy ounce of .9167 fine gold, rendering it an exceptional choice for investment. Possessing a timeless design and an updated reverse crafted by the talented Jennie Norris, this Brilliant Uncirculated coin stands as an essential addition to any gold collection.

The Gold American Eagle proudly holds the distinction of being the official bullion coin of the United States, captivating collectors and investors since its inaugural release in 1986. Emblazoned with quintessential American symbols such as the American Eagle, Lady Liberty, and the US Capitol, these coins hold a special place in the hearts of Americans and coin enthusiasts worldwide. The modernized reverse design, introduced in 2020, injects a fresh vibrancy into this beloved series.

The obverse of the Gold American Eagle showcases the renowned Augustus Saint-Gaudens rendition, inspired by the pre-1933 Gold Double Eagle. Lady Liberty strides forward, clutching a torch and an olive branch, symbolizing both peace and strength. Sunbeams radiate from the US Capitol in the background, adding an aura of grandeur to the overall composition.

On the reverse side, you'll encounter an intimate portrait of a bald eagle, artfully designed by Jennie Norris and masterfully sculpted by Renata Gordon. The eagle's intense gaze exudes nobility and pride, serving as an apt emblem for the United States of America.

Seize the opportunity to invest in the Roll of 20 - 2024 1 oz Gold American Eagle $50 Coin BU today and add a touch of prestige to your collection!

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