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1 oz Gold Bar - Argor-Heraeus .9999 Fine (In Assay)

Actual Weight
1 troy oz
1.75 mm
40.4 x 23.3 mm
Gross Weight
31.103 grams
New in Assay
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Introducing the 1 oz Gold Bar from Argor-Heraeus, a renowned Swiss precious metal refinery. This exquisite gold bar is made from .9999 fine gold, ensuring its purity and value. Each bar comes in a tamper-proof assay card, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. As a leading precious metal price comparison engine, Bullion Hunters is proud to showcase this exceptional product and help you find the lowest price across all dealers.

When it comes to investing in gold, purity is of utmost importance. The 1 oz Gold Bar from Argor-Heraeus is crafted with the highest level of precision and expertise. With a purity of .9999, this gold bar is among the purest forms of gold available in the market. Its weight of 1 ounce makes it a convenient and manageable investment option for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the precious metal market.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of this gold bar, each piece is sealed in a tamper-proof assay card. This card not only protects the bar from any damage but also provides vital information about the product, including its weight, purity, and the official stamp of Argor-Heraeus. This reassures buyers that they are purchasing a genuine and valuable piece of gold.

At Bullion Hunters, we understand the importance of finding the best price for your precious metal investments. That's why we have developed a comprehensive price comparison engine that scans multiple dealers to find you the lowest price for the 1 oz Gold Bar from Argor-Heraeus. Our platform saves you time and effort by presenting you with a list of trusted dealers offering this product at the most competitive prices.

Investing in gold is a wise decision, and Bullion Hunters is here to make it even wiser by helping you find the best deals. With our price comparison engine, you can be confident that you are getting the lowest price for the 1 oz Gold Bar from Argor-Heraeus. Start your journey as a savvy investor today and let Bullion Hunters guide you towards the most affordable and reliable precious metal dealers.

In conclusion, the 1 oz Gold Bar from Argor-Heraeus is a remarkable investment option for those seeking the security and value of gold. With its .9999 fine gold purity and tamper-proof assay card, this gold bar is a symbol of quality and authenticity. Bullion Hunters, as a leading precious metal price comparison engine, is dedicated to helping you find the lowest price for this exceptional product across all
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