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Belgium Gold 20 Francs Leopold II Avg Circ AGW .1867 (Random Year,1867-1914)

20 Francs
Actual Weight
0.1867 troy oz
1.4 mm
21.4 mm
Gross Weight
6.45 grams
Average Circulated
Royal Belgian Mint
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Invest in the Belgium Gold 20 Francs Leopold II Coin
Discover the beauty and historical significance of the Belgium Gold 20 Francs Leopold II Coin. This exquisite coin is a must-have for any collector. Minted between 1867 and 1914, this coin holds a special place in history.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Leopold II, the King of Belgium at the time. His name, title, and the year of mintage are inscribed around the rim, adding to the coin's historical value. The reverse displays the Coat of Arms along with the denomination, showcasing the rich heritage of Belgium.

Made from 90% fine gold, this coin contains 0.1867 troy ounces of pure gold. It comes in Average Circulated Condition, adding to its charm and character. Each coin is shipped in a protective plastic flip to ensure its preservation.

Product Features:
- Contains 0.1867 troy ounces of 90% fine gold.
- Average Circulated Condition.
- Obverse features Leopold II with his name, title, and year of mintage inscribed.
- Reverse displays the Coat of Arms and denomination.
- Each coin is shipped in a protective plastic flip.

Investing in the Belgium Gold 20 Francs Leopold II Coin offers both collectors and investors a unique opportunity. Its historical significance and limited availability make it highly sought after. Gold has always been a stable investment option, maintaining its value over the long term. In times of economic uncertainty, gold prices tend to rise, providing a hedge against inflation.

This coin is not only a valuable investment but also a piece of history. Minted during the reign of Leopold II, it represents a significant era in Belgium's history. Owning this coin allows you to hold a tangible piece of the past in your hands.

Whether you are a collector or an investor, the Belgium Gold 20 Francs Leopold II Coin is a valuable addition to any portfolio. Its beauty, historical significance, and gold content make it a highly desirable coin. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Belgian history.
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